Our early engagement with local communities

We have been speaking to the people who live, work and visit the area to understand their priorities and ensure that London Wall West meets as many of these priorities as possible.

A photo from our public exhibition in December 2021

Your feedback from the public exhibitions in December

In December 2021, the City Surveyors on behalf of the City of London Corporation (as the applicant) launched its first public consultation on the emerging plans for the London Wall West site.

We received a huge amount of feedback on the proposals:

248 people attended the public exhibitions

● Over 150 surveys completed

● Over 250 emails sent to the London Wall West inbox

2,735 visits to the website through social media advertisement

81 social media engagements

Feedback focused on the following themes

Height and massing of the buildings and the impact on light, views, security and footfall;

The demolition of existing buildings and associated embodied carbon;

The demand for new office space;

Walking and cycling routes;

Maintaining access to the highwalks and fixing the lifts around the site.

How we have responded to this feedback

Provided within the rest of the exhibition materials, you can find further information about how we have responded to the feedback we have received to date.

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